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In 30 years, the City of Colorado Springs will be the largest city in Colorado with another 150,000 people projected to move here. We need to plan ahead for growth and to protect our water, mountains and our quality of life – now and for future generations.

Since 1997, the TOPS tax has made a major impact on outdoor recreation and the quality of life we enjoy here in Colorado Springs. The funding has been used to preserve more than 7,100 acres of open space in the Pikes Peak region, build 25 parks and update 41 more, and constructed close to 50 miles of urban trails.

On this year’s ballot, we’re asking voters to continue that legacy by supporting an extension of the tax for 20 more years and increasing it from .1% to .2%, or two-cents on every $10 purchase.

Here's what we can accomplish with a YES vote for TOPS:​


  • Continue to acquire property, trails easements and implement the Park System Master Planned trails, such as:
    • Black Squirrel
    • Chamberlain
    • Cottonwood Creek
    • Foothills
    • Pikes Peak Greenway
    • Homestead
    • La Foret
    • Palmer Mesa
    • Legacy Loop
    • Rock Island
    • Sand Creek
    • Sinton
    • Woodmen Road Trails
  • Make important connections in our trails network, including key corridors such as:
    • Sand Creek
    • Cottonwood Creek
    • Rock Island
    • Legacy Loop
    • Shooks Run
    • Chamberlain
  • Continue to replace old asphalt trails with concrete, such as: 
    • Palmer Mesa Trail
    • Pikes Peak Greenway
    • Homestead
    • Sandcreek
    • Sinton


  • Continue to acquire key open space properties on the Park System Master Plan’s Candidate Open Space list, such as:
    • Corral Bluffs/Jimmy Camp Creek
    • Kettle Creek
    • Mountain Shadows (the city’s Western mountain backdrop)
  • Develop master plans for recent open acquisitions, such as:
    • Corral Bluffs/Jimmy Camp Creek
    • Mountain Shadows Open Space, including the Pikeview Buffer and Black Canyon Quarry
    • Blodgett Open Space
  • Continue to construct master planned elements in open spaces, such as:
    • Austin Bluffs Open Space
    • Mountain Shadows Open Space
    • Ute Valley Park


  • Continue to implement the Park System Master Plan
  • Begin to build out master planned properties, such as:
    • Acacia Park
    • Antlers Park
    • Alamo Square Park
  • Begin work on backlogged promised parks, including:
    • Greyhawk Park
    • Coleman Community Park (East end)
    • Larry Ochs Sports Complex
    • Skyway Park
    • Skyview Community Park
    • Bradley Ranch Park
    • Mountain Vista East Park
    • Mountain Vista West Park
    • Glen Oaks Park
    • Laura Gilpin Park (East end)
    • Sands Park
    • Spring Creek Park
    • Wolf Ranch Northeast Park
    • Wolf Ranch Southwest Park
    • Indigo Ranch Community Park
    • Wolf Ranch Community Park
  • Continue to improve existing park sites, in all parts of the city, through renovations such as:
    • Play spaces
    • Walking trails
    • Water conscious irrigation
    • Shade
    • Spray grounds
    • Signs
    • Restrooms
    • Fencing
Paid for by YES for Trails, Open Space and Parks.

AxiomThemes 2022. All Rights Reserved.

AxiomThemes 2022. All Rights Reserved.

Paid for by YES for Trails, Open Space and Parks.